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An Outstanding Caribbean Rum


Cricketing Legend

Phil Tufnell

Orange Vanilla Caramel

Tasting Notes

Outstanding Rum

Whilst golden in colour, this rum is defined by its smooth taste and flavours - with subtle orange peel, vanilla and smooth caramel notes, Wing Walker soars above other rums. These flavours take off through the spirit, making Wing Walker rum a perfect cocktail base.

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Wing Walker is a premium sipping rum – drink it neat over a glass full of ice!

Try our Rum Cocktails

Daquiri Elixir

50ml Wing Walker Rum

15ml fresh lime juice

7.5ml sugar syrup

5ml green Chartreuse

10ml chilled mineral water

Mix and serve over plenty of ice

Serve with a lime wedge

Red Rum Martini

60ml Wing Walker Rum

25 fresh redcurrants

15ml sloe gin

10ml lemon juice

15ml vanilla syrup

Crush the redcurrants.

Mix, shake and garnish with redcurrants or strawberries

Rum Old Fashioned

60ml Wing Walker Rum

3 dashes each orange/grapefruit & Whiskey bitters

12ml Maple syrup/agave

Grapefruit peel

Mix, stir and garnish with orange or grapefruit


Fantastic rum, lovely flavours. Bought as a Christmas prezzie for my brother and he kindly shared a few glasses of this with me over the hols.

Becky G

A fantastic spiced rum, great taste and superb value for money. Goes well with a slice of Orange and a couple of ice cubes.

James C

This product has a really nice distinctive taste to it, I would recommend this and would buy it again.

Jake P

Our Inspiration

Charles Lindbergh

Charles Lindbergh began his aviation career as a wing walker.

Samuel Franklin Cody

A Wild West showman and early pioneer of manned flight.

Gladys Roy

Probably the only woman in the world who could say she’s played tennis on an airplane!