About Us

Wing Walker Rum is a brand of the Innovatus Drinks company.

A historical trademark, the original Wing Walker Rum disappeared in the 1960's but was discovered by us and brought to a fresh new life!

Paul McCarthy, CEO of Innovatus Drinks says:

We have succeeded in developing an exceptionally smooth and silky rum which can be enjoyed on its own.  We wanted to create something adventurous that will appeal to our current gin drinking clientele and excite rum drinkers too.  Our brands have historical connections, all are trademarks which – for whatever reason – have disappeared, but we wanted to breathe life back into them, redevelop and reintroduce them to the market.  Wing Walker in particular is part of the sense of adventure that we like to offer through all our brands, a chance for people to try a new spirit and for rum aficionados to experience a new taste.”


Also in the Innovatus stable: Horse Guards London Dry Gin.  View Website Here.

Innovatus Drinks is a member of the Food & Drink Exporters Association. If you would like to discuss importing and/or exporting opportunities with us then please email info@wingwalker.com